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11/10/09 a las 20:27In accordance with the 2000 Sydney Olympics official site has been clicked on more than 90 million, the highest peak flow per minute is 1.2 million hits the flow of recurrence, in the development of high-speed network in 2008, the Beijing Olympics official site visits Is expected to more than 100 billion times……

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It is estimated that during the Beijing Olympics, China will have 210 million Internet users through the Internet to watch the Olympic events and participate in interactive. People will watch competitions through the Internet, download video exciting race, in various forums to participate in post-event……
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games will usher in sports officials, coaches, referees 10,000 people, more than 20,000 journalists, 10,000 athletes, 70,000 volunteers, the audience can reach tens of millions of people, sudden Traffic The substantial increase in……

This all the figures and inference requires 2008 Beijing Olympic Games we need to provide a series of high-quality network, is necessary to achieve the "oversupply" of the results, so the 2008 Beijing Olympics must build a quality network.
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According to informed sources, China Mobile Communication System will be the Olympic GSM / GPRS / EGPRS / TD-SCDMA standard network composed of a variety of mobile communication systems based, WLAN / WIMAX emergency communications vehicles to supplement the system posed. This means that the structures of the Olympic Games, China Mobile mobile communications network will be the history of the Olympic Games the most complex communications networks. (Asia Domain Name Registration Limited)
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China Netcom in the original wealth of resources on the basis of fixed network, built specifically for this year's Olympics a safe, stable, reliable, advanced network-wide intelligent optical networking, inter-racing venue will be the management of information and the transmission of information to provide dedicated race Channel. In addition, China Netcom the first card media development and application of broadband card, enabling users in the Olympic venues and hotels can enjoy the open-flow of high-speed Internet access services, the first VLAN-based real-time transmission of multimedia services , The Xinhua News Agency, Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, Getty's image, such as the five established a news agency connecting all the venues and the MPC network launched its first research and development of the Olympic city communications services, through Wireless network and call center to provide assistance services, location-based services and information……-------]